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Manufacturing center

Zorlu’s American branch was created in 1998 and has since amassed a number of brands who bring a distinctive look for today’s living spaces. The outstanding color and pattern options that come from our stylish collections innovate the world of textiles.

Our principal business activities consist of the production and marketing of yarn, curtains, sheets and all other complimentary home textile products revealing a lifestyle that suggests “quality and refinement” at the very first look.

Zorlu USA is a subsidiary of Zorlu Holding, which is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Our American branch conducts business in both New York, NY and in Sandersville, GA. For more information about any of the three aforementioned click the links below.

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Manufacturing center

Manufacturing center Manufacturing center Manufacturing center

Our beginings

Manufacturing center

Zorlu was founded in 1953 by Haci Mehmet Zorlu (1919 Babadağ, Denizli – May 7, 2005,Istanbul) as a weaving atelier in Denizli, Turkey. It has now grown into Zorlu Textiles Group; one of the leading manufacturers of home textiles globally. Korteks Yarns, the first company of the Zorlu Group, is the biggest manufacturer of polyester yarns in the Middle East and Europe and the leading European manufacturer engaged in integrated curtain production.

Home textiles and curtains manufactured by Zorluteks are entitled to display the Oeko-Tex STD-100 label indicating that they contain no chemicals that are detrimental to human health. Zorlu Textile home textiles have also been awarded a Cotton USA license while the company’s curtain products have received Gosstandart certification in Russia.

Logistics and Distribution

Zorlu USA’s warehousing activities are conducted from its distribution center located in Sandersville, Georgia. The warehouse and distribution center has 15,000 square meters of enclosed space from which shipment are made to more than 2,000 stores located all over the North America. Our warehouse has more than 9,000 pallet storage capacity and a fully integrated edi customer order management system.

Our Sales Office

A photo of our New York Office

Established in 1998 on 5th Avenue, in the heart of New York City, Zorlu USA Inc. has become the foremost supplier and distributor of fine textiles in North America and continues to grow business daily.

Our Customers

We excel in the creation and distribution of fine textiles.
Now with more channels of distribution than ever before!

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Window Treatments and Curtains
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Marble Pestemal
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Basketweave Bedding
Throws and Blankets

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Zorlu USA, Inc. offers career opportunities in sales, planning, finance and design.
If you are passionate about the home textile industry, and interested in being a part of our family, please send your resume to Human Resources via


Zorlu USA 390 Fifth Avenue, Suite 805, New York, NY 10018 Phone Number : 212 - 689 - 4622 Fax Number 212 - 689 - 4380

If you have any business concerning logistics send an email to info@zorluusa.com